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Font Creator Program
The Font Creator Program puts font creation within the grasp of the average PC user, would-be typographers and graphic designers. With this font editor you can create and edit TrueType fonts. You can use the modified fonts in Windows 3.11 and higher. Features include the ability to convert (scanned) bitmaps (.bmp files) to TrueType outlines, thus enabling you to create your own signature, logo and handwriting. The modified fonts can be saved and then used in popular word processing and illustration programs.The editor lets you easily select any installed font, displaying the entire character set complete with descriptions of every letter, number, and special character.Once you've perfected your work of art, a click on the program's toolbar will install your font. a trial version

Ares download
Ares is a free peer to peer file sharing program that enables users to share any digital file including images, audio, video, software, documents, etc. You may now easily publish your files through the Ares decentralized network. As a member of the virtual community, you can search and download just about any file shared by other users, for example music. With Ares you can also join chat rooms or host your channel and meet new friends. get it here

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Zzang Street
Zzang Street is a breath of fresh air among the bunch of online RPG games full of swords, magic and fantasy. This action game is similar to other classic titles such as Final Fight or Double Dragon, with a very simple aim: wipe off all enemies in each level and move on to the next one. Being an online game, you can also have your own group of friends to help you out. Fighting in groups is not easier - the game rises difficulty automatically- but is a lot funnier!
You work by the PC daily, and proceed working at home?This software is just for you then! Organize the breaks with Off4Fit!It will remind you of the breaks periodically and very softly give a hint on a distraction time. Perfect interface, 3D graphics, a number of exercises for your eyes, hands and body - just follow the instructions of a pretty girl. You will have a rest to go on with your work with fresh efforts! Set the program autostarted and in a few days you will realise that it is red-hot for you! Recommend it to your colleagues and friends - it is absolutely free!
BackLinks Master
It is well known that backlinks are an important way to increase your rank in search engines. No matter how you get inbound links to your site, you need a tool to control the status of these links - whether they still point to your website, what anchor text these backlinks have and so on.Of course, you can check the status of your inbound and reciprocal links manually, but it is a huge time-saver to use BackLinks Master instead. BackLinks Master helps you find who has links to you, whether these links are direct or embedded into JavaScript and what keywords they have in their anchor text.
Fox Magic Audio Recorder
Fox Magic Audio Recorder records sound as MP3, WAV files. It is capable to use various audio devices/audio inputs for recording. You can generate file names automatically or manually, play the recorded files in the internal audio player, start/stop the recording on timer event, adjust audio setting, adjust the audio volume, and more. Software is very easy to use and learn.Works on Windows Vista/XP/2003/2000/Me/98.Fox Magic Audio Recorder is a FREEWARE
PC Health Optimizer
PC Health Optimizer contains over 25 tools to keep your computer running at peak performance. Give your PC a clean bill of health by running it through our six groups of tools. These exclusive tools will clean, optimize, anonymize, protect and control your system to make it run better than ever.It Contains Startup Cleaner, Registry Cleaner, Duplicate Finder, File Undelete, Windows Optimizer, Shutdown scheduler, disk defrag, file protector, file backup and much more.
Photo! Editor
Photo! Editor is powerful multifunctional software offering a complete set of image editing tools. It contains anything a digital camera owner might need to correct or enhance their photos. You will enjoy the ultimate convenience and professional approach provided by each of the tools.With Photo! Editor, you can remove red eye instantly, enhance the color of the image, make funny caricatures, add astonishing lighting effects, denoise, straighten, resample and crop images. You will also appreciate the Make Up tool, which will make the best of your portrait photos.
Windows Vista SP1
The release of Windows Vista SP1 enables customers to take advantage of improvements that Microsoft and its partners developed. It’s a continuation of Microsoft’s and its partners’ drive to provide the best experience possible.The First service pack of windows vista focuses on three things:
Quality Improvements. It includes all the improvements in the field of security, reliability and performance.
Emerging Hardware and Standards. It includes support for emerging hardware and standards.
Infrastructure OptimizationThis includes all the updates since the release of Microsoft Vista except those released in the last two months.